Winx Season 1 [Rai English]


…was fully uploaded on the Winx Youtube site! - All 26 episodes within hours!

Edit: They’re continuing with season 2 o.O But it seems the videos are for now unavailable ?!
does this mean their re airing this dub online and then will eventually re dub seasons 5-7? :D
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Nick UK to premiere more new episodes of Winx Club season six from Saturday 23rd August 2014!


After a short break, Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK will continue to premiere and show brand new episodes from the all-new 26-episode sixth season of the popular animated television series Winx Club, called “Bloomix”, including new episodes, every Saturday and Sunday from 7:00am from Saturday 23rd August 2014! Full news on NickALive!.

Thank you NickUk! I think they must be fed up of repeating season 3 now..atleast they give a crap about the show just to go air it before the USA
Winx relationship thoughts: Spoilers

I honestly hope that they don’t put Musa in a love triangle situation in Season 7 like they did to Aisha in Season 6, this love crap really ruined Aisha’s character for me, though I am abit confused to the break up between Musa and Riven, I mean, Why now? if they were to break up it should of been in Season 4, where they actually had reasons to break up, I don’t know, just after season 5 with him writing a song and learning music to make her happy I don’t see why they suddenly changed their minds about their relationship since they made it look like their relationship was fine in Season 5. I honestly don’t think I like the idea of them putting Musa with a new guy, which is obviously what their gonna do, then Riven will come back and it will be Aisha-Roy-Nex all over again.

I dont understand italian so..can someone explain why Riven left? And if he and Musa are still together? 0.o


So.. does this mean The Mystery of the Abyss and Season 7 will be Rai English? or a English dub thats similar to Rai?

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Remember when Kim Possible was on Lilo and Stitch?


Or How about when The Proud Family decided to visit?


Or when those fucking kids from Recess came over to Hawaii


Lilo was a popular little bitch.

the conflicting art styles are making me uncomfortable…

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